Schedule for the 2019 Chicago Viola Festival:

2019 Chicago Bass Topics Include:

Topics Include:

  • Injury Prevention for the Bassist - Discussion of Common injuries in bass players, along with tips for prevention and management.
  • Life in the Pit Orchestra - Explore the range of styles and techniques needed to perform in the modern day pit orchestra.
  • Warm-Up Class - Learn how to warm up effectively and efficiently for a successful practice or performance.
  • Ensemble Hygiene: Using your eyes, ears and mouth as well as your hands! - Learn the important factors that go in to being a successful ensemble musician. Tips on how to comport yourself as section member, leader or ensemble colleague.
  • Building a Beautiful Bow Arm - Setting up a flexible and versatile bow arm.
  • Hip Hop, Blues, and ALL the Grooves! - Tips and tricks for playing a diverse set of genres with confidence and ease!
  • Singing with the Bow - Examining the many variables of sound production, and how they relate to the human voice using examples from solo repertoire.
  • Beginning/Intermediate Level Master Class - Exploring concepts important to honing bass playing at the beginning/intermediate level through a master class setting.
  • Jazz Bass Master Class - Listen to and discuss jazz bass performance using examples from bass festival participants
  • Solo and Orchestra Master Class - Explore popular bass solo and orchestral repertoire through performances by bass festival participants
  • Careers in Music Q&A - Have you ever wanted to ask a professional bassist about life in music after school? Now is your chance! Ask a panel of professional bassists with varied backgrounds about college auditions, playing music in school and beyond, pursuing music as a professional, and much much more!


2018 Chicago Bass Festival Schedule: